Swiftwick socks

“welcome innovation in the usually staid world of running socks” — The Wall Street Journal

Why Swiftwick socks are the latest addition to our store.
  • 200 needle construction – Increases life expectancy to 2-3 years and leads to better fit.
  • Blister free – Seamless constructed toe gently hugs the shape of your foot and eliminates negative space.
  • Chemical free wicking – The most advanced knit patterns with hollow Olefin fibers pull sweat off your body and repel external moisture.
  • Managed compression – Reduces swelling, increases endurance and improves muscle stability for a stronger performance.

These thin, lightweight socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable, whether drenched in mud, water, or sweat. Strategically placed compression points help support your arches while keeping the material from bunching, and the specially shaped toe box helps prevent blisters. A high-tech nylon weave helps keep your feet and socks dry, and woven channels allow for more breathability.

Time to get your first pair?Shop now

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