Review by Anthony Cathcart

On the trail cargo contour short



Personal Records

5km – 24:52
10km – 49:16
21.1km – 1:47:50 Road
25km – 2:28:12 Trail Rainbow Beach
50km – 6:28:41 Blackall 50 1st AG
Currently training 50-70km a week and love every second of it.

Best running experience

One of the best runs I have done was the Blackall 50.

On a personal level I had wanted to achieve a long distance event some years prior, however 28 stitches and a course of radiation dictated otherwise. This was a momentary glitch in an otherwise blissful existence, soon enough I created the opportunity to run again.

On a fitness level I had prepared and trained well. It was a strange feeling running for 6+ hours and at times alone on the trail for long stretches. I had no real idea where I was in the field, my goal was simply to finish, and as well as I could. I’d passed a few fellow runners and been passed by a fair share as well. All well met and happy to exchange well wishes and greetings between puffs. Heading up some of those bluffs I was puffing like a bus horse – thinking ‘geez I hope I can tough this out’ but there was never any real doubt, I just putted along as well as my legs would carry me, evidently this was enough. In the last 14 kilometres I felt I could ‘drop the hammer’. I didn’t exactly speed up but sure as heck didn’t slow up any. One of my fondest memories was my partner, Lucy greeting me at each checkpoint telling me I looked ok!! Bit of a stretch I reckon but I felt good about the comments and cracked on. I’d have gels and water stuffed into various locations and before I knew it I was padding down the trail again. Over the last few kilometres I refused to relinquish any further positions and practically sprinted home (this is possibly a feeling I had rather than a fact). I do remember hurting somewhat though.

From this day on I have never lost the lure and charm of the trails and those who grace them. With the UTA50 and a few others coming along I look forward to a great year with good gear.


“The ease in which
I can run the miles
is excellent…
the whole thing is
just a smooth operation.”



A few weeks ago I decided to order some kit from a business I follow on Instagram… yup you guessed it #4therunners. We DM’d each other for a while as I worked out exactly what I wanted, I did some normal research like, weight, size, usability and functionality. The whole process from start to finish was pretty easy and it was simple and straight forward to navigate the website. The purchasing process was stress free. When I asked for product specifications the messages came back promptly with correct information. I guess what I am trying to say is these days I don’t see a lot of service like this, either face to face or via the internet.

More is the point I have spent about 85km on the trail over the past two weeks testing my Hilly socks – Ronhill Trail Cargo Contour Shorts and I have to say they are great.

The socks are every bit as good as those you pay twice the price for and were comfortable for a 35km trail run 3hours in subtropical QLD.

The shorts well what can I say they have revolutionised my trail running – the cool, comfortable fit and the ease in which I can run the miles is excellent, no great big long shorts flapping in the wind especially when it rains like blazes…..Small fuel bottles fit in and are easily accessed from the 4 storage pockets and the gels didn’t flap around, my phone was secure and didn’t bounce either – the whole thing is just a smooth operation. There was no struggling to reach my vest zippers. To me these small attributes are significant, long runs are hard enough without struggling with gear. I get nothing for saying this at all except knowing if you deal with these folks you will get looked after. And in my humble view great gear.

Shop – Trail Cargo Contour Short

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