Review by Dane Verwey

On the peak compression socks



Personal Records

1500m: 3:59
3km: 8:36
5km: 14:50
21.1km: 1:09:06
42.2km: 2:24:18

Best running experience

My debut Melbourne Marathon experience in 2014. It was great for me to run a good marathon in my home city. I had an excellent lead up to the event and everything went right on the day. The support from the crowd really helped me get through and knowing the course made a lot more enjoyable than other I have completed.


After suffering several flare ups of my achillies over the past several years, I have become pretty reliant on good shoes, heel raises and supportive socks for those early morning shuffles when you’re ‘as stiff as a board’!

Recently, I discovered and I fully endorse Hilly peak compression socks. I use them when I’m out on the trails because the ankle fenders and shin guard reduce the impact of collecting any fallen branches. They are also super easy to clean after getting dirty in the bush. Don’t ask me whether or how compression socks work but they have helped me get through many a run when I didn’t feel like my achillies could and I’m sure will continue to help me in the future.

Shop – Peak Compression Socks

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