Review by Shaun Moore

On the mountain goat trail t-shirt




Shaun Moore

Personal Records

1 mile 5:11 1st (Nike Run Club Find Your Fast)
5km 18:32 4th (Berwick Springs Parkrun)
10km 39:55 13th (Mornington Running Festival)
42km 3:30:16 (Gold Coast Airport Marathon)
50km 6:10:52 32nd (Marysville Marathon Festival)

Best running experience

My best running experience would funnily enough be my most painful experience as a runner. Last November (2015) I ran my first ever Ultra Marathon and only my 3rd ever event over 35km. It was a 50km Ultra at Marysville with approximately 2000m of elevation.

I was running well alongside a friend for the first 25km and on track for a finish time of 5hr 30min. Though I underestimated the downhills sections, from 25km to 30km we ran a technical rocky downhill that smashed my quads. From 30km to 35km I told my mate to go ahead as I could feel my quads cramping up. I made it to the 35km aid station having fought off a couple bouts of cramping. I fuelled up, put on a brave face and headed off for the climbing. 35km to 42km was a constant climb up to Mt Keppel lookout, this was where the fun started. As soon as I started up the mountain of a hill, bang the cramps kicked in. The next 2hrs was myself, the hill and the cramps now in both legs. So much went through my mind during that painful 7km even a possible DNF, but that wasn’t going to happen. Eventually I made it to the aid station at the top, where I felt rejuvenated ready to take on the last 8km. I got into a shuffle with another fellow struggling runners and after awhile there were 4 of us together. We got to the last aid station with only 4km to go and 8 people refueling, then my competitiveness kicked in.

I took off forgetting about what had happened earlier and I focused on staying in front of those runners. I made it to the finish where I was greeted by my fellow running friends that had finished the Ultra or other events, I was over the moon to be running my victory lap around the oval to the finish line. I was now an ULTRA runner. Later I also found out I was the youngest male in the field and finished 32nd out of 62 finishers.



There’s no point denying it, I first purchased the Mountain Goat shirt for the amazing goat design, time to unleash my inner goat on the hills I thought. On my first few runs wearing the shirt I noticed a couple great aspects of the t-shirt. Whilst wearing it during a long run in the sun, it wasn’t like a lot of other running shirts that tend to make me feel hotter when I start sweating. It breathes well and doesn’t tend to stick to you, also if your worried about chaffing I haven’t had any problems, including when I run with my hydration pack. Plus I love the design, the perfect design for trail running.

So if your looking for a running shirt that keeps you cool whilst running, plus has an awesome design. I highly recommend this product from the gang at 4therunners.

Unleash your inner goat!!!!

Shop – Mountain Goat T-shirt – Blue

Or Green

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