About Us


We are running enthusiasts aiming to provide high quality products for the runners in Australia.

Our team comprises of both males and females, the younger and older generations, recreational runners and dedicated athletes.

This is to your advantage, so that every runner in Australia is taken care of.

We base oursleves in Melbourne but look after athletes across Australia.


Ronhill is named after the legendary Dr. Ron Hill M.B.E. who established Ron Hill Sport on the 9th of September 1970.

He combined his knowledge of what is required to perform well as an athlete and his understanding of textile chemistry, to produce his own running apparel.

As the first person to use synthetic fabrics in sportswear and the second man to run under 2.10 for the marathon, he was groundbreaking in both aspects of his life.

Since the brand first started, it has paved the way for many new technical fabrics that the products today are modern generations of.


The brand was formed in 1992 by Dr. Ron Hill M.B.E. to provide specific socks for all different types of running.

The socks are divided into four categories. Urban, Trail, Night and Sport to cater for every runner out there.

Every pair of sock will have it’s own unique properties and these have been refined over the 13 years they have been produced.

Since it’s establishment, Hilly now offers many additions that include water bottles.

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